what precaution we can take incase have to drive during sleepy

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Better to avoid driving when we are sleepy but sometimes when urgent comes we have to drive eventhough we are soo sleepy, insyaAllah by taking several steps as precaution, we can drive safely. Amongs the precautions we can take
- have a bath first if we still at home.
- during driving, better not keep quite if we drive alone. Do something like singging. For a muslim may be he can do zikr aloud. If too sleepy just scream or talk to your self loudly.
-always scrub your head and your neck.
-some people bring together abottle of coffee which already mixed with a little salt. but dont used it if not too emergency.
- One thing should be always in a driver mind, life more valuable than the urgent or emergency itself. Wallahu a'lam
- your idea to share are most welcome

photo from friend's email.maybe he receive from yahoo group. not sure


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